understand the material of solid wood door

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understand the material of solid wood door

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<p>How to buy laminate flooring is high, medium density fiberboard substrate, the surface by the wear-resistant layer, decorative paper and other made. As a new type of energy-saving how to lay laminate under door threshold paving materials, it has unique advantages. First of all, the main raw material for laminate flooring comes from artificial forest, small-diameter forest and branches. From the perspective of protecting forest resources, paving it in line with the development needs of human beings and strengthening it by hot pressing.</p><p> Secondly, Shrinkage and swelling shrinkage, the stability of the size is also stronger than the solid wood floor; the third laminate flooring pattern, color, variety, good simulation, wide format; Fourth, strengthen the composite wood floor structure design decking boxes made from decking ideas is reasonable, easy to install Fast; Fifth, laminate flooring without waxing, polishing and other surface treatment, easy maintenance, easy cleaning; Fifth, it's surface finish and wear resistance is much higher than the solid wood flooring.</p><p> Select laminate flooring should pay attention to the following points: 1, the amount of formaldehyde emission national standard, not more than 1.5mg / L are in line with national standards 2, the number of wear-resistant rotating wear-resistant floor laminate flooring should be ≥ 460 turn Lou number, public places should be ≥ 9000 rpm, otherwise, the use of 1-3 years after the damage may occur to varying degrees. The company is located in: 3, color varieties in the acceptable price to choose how to build wood stairs over concrete their favorite color is the ultimate goal, inspection notice whether there are patterns on the flaws.</p>
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